• Virtual Learning: All students in Mr. Schwabe's classes should go under Google Classroom for daily attendance and daily assignments on Google Forms. Please fill out form daily.

     Daily Work: Week One:  Each student is required to do :30 minutes of exercise, five days a week. As discussed in class, using a "health" app. on phone, screen shot daily steps, combine all five days, and send to Mr.

    Schwabe on Google Classroom.  Else, one can write up work-out plan, take a pic, combine, and share the 5 pics with me emailed on Googe Classroom.

    Week two: Cognitive: We will add a short written assignment but reduce your work out requirement to four days.

    Week three: Students will continue four day work outs.  Written: Explore one Health/Exercise/Bio.-Phys. Career. Could include Physical therapist, chiro., athl. trainer, nurse, etc.

    a)education required? where, how long is program, and cost of education.

    b)are there jobs in this field in central WI or would you need to re-locate?

    c)what is ave. starting pay?

    EXTRA:  actually contact someone in this field and give a brief summary of that experience.